March 2020

Improved Standings

  • Tiebreakers for standings can now be customized for each season (previously was determined by Wins, Goals Against, and PIM).
  • New tiebreakers include Regulation Wins (RW), Regulation + Overtime Wins (ROW), and Goal Differential (DIFF).
  • Added color-coded goal differential to standings.
  • Added descriptions for applicable tiebreakers on standings page.

February 2020

Improved Roster Management

  • Roster admin tools use newer, cleaner interface.
  • Includes new combobox feature, with a search-as-you-type functionality.
  • Can now add players not currently in the system on the fly (rather than with a 2nd form as previously was the case).
  • Admin actions are now performed via ajax, eliminating page reloads.

Changelog Feature Introduced

  • Will add both admin tool updates and general website updates to this page as they are added.

January 2020

Updated Jersey Data Type

  • Formerly was an integer with max value of 199. Now is an 8-character-max string, allowing for a wide range of numbers and identifiers (fractions, decimals, colors, etc.).

Added More Leagues Menu Option

  • Is now the last item in the League Menu. Will list other leagues in the same organization (typically the same rink).