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The New Project Hockey

If you've been using Project Hockey for a while, you've probably noticed that the site looks very different now. We are proud to introduce Project Hockey 5.0, which includes a major visual overhaul and functionality improvements. There will be many more changes in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Available Now

  • No more ads
  • Better mobile views
  • Improved team pages
  • Better management tools

Coming Soon

  • Enchanced player profiles
  • In-depth stats
  • Goalie stats
  • And much more!


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Dedicated League Site

Each league gets its own dedicated section on Project Hockey. Here you can customize your league fully, including tiebreakers, shootouts, divisions, and much more. Plus, all your seasons are archived for future comparison and review.


Full Device Support

Project Hockey is a fully developed web application that can run on any device with an internet connection: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.


Affordable Pricing

Our pricing is simple: each league is $100 per season. That's it. No gimmicks, no hassle. Better yet, your first season is free!


Deligate to Team Managers

Project Hockey has a built-in permissions system, allowing you to designate team managers to handle their own tasks like roster management and scoring adjustments.


Live Scorekeeping

Scorekeeping can be performed in realtime, right from ice level. Just have your scorekeeper use any device with an internet connection to record the goald / penalties as they occur. This way, there's no extra work at the end of the night.


Scheduling Assistance

Included with Project Hockey is the ability to utilize or robust scheduling algorithm. If you've ever tried to schedule a whole league, you know all the nuance involved. Let our software do all the hard work and create a balanced, fair schedule with just the click of a button.


Post-Game Adjustments

You can easily use our system to make adjustments to scoring, penalties, and rosters after a game is finished. This helps keeps your stats accurate and easy to maintain throughout the season.


Free Support

Running a league can be a lot of work. Our team is here to help you along the way. If you need support with anything on Project Hockey, we are just an email away!