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The New Project Hockey

If you've been using Project Hockey for a while, you've probably noticed that the site looks very different now. We are proud to introduce Project Hockey 5.0, which includes a major visual overhaul and functionality improvements. There will be many more changes in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Available Now

  • No more ads
  • Better mobile views
  • Improved team pages
  • Better management tools

Coming Soon

  • Enchanced player profiles
  • In-depth stats
  • Goalie stats
  • And much more!


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Simple, Affordable Pricing for Every League

1st Season2nd Season & Beyond
Price:$0first season free$100per league, per season thereafter
What's included:
  • unlimited games
  • unlimited teams
  • unlimited players
  • unlimited users (league managers, team managers, scorekeepers, etc.)
  • standings, schedule, stats, and more
  • scheduling assistance
  • unlimited support
  • visit the Features page for more info

What is a season?

Our definition is straightfoward: a season is anytime the standings reset back to zero. This typically happens annually (often seen in pro leagues), or seasonaly (often seen in recreational leagues that have a Fall and Spring / Summer season).

What is a league?

We view a league as a set of teams that will play each other consistently over the course of a season. This is easy to visualize for self-managed or individual leagues. However, ice rinks that manage their own leagues often have several sub-leagues. Each sub-league counts as a separte league on Project Hockey (but they are still tied to their parent league / rink).

Sharing the Cost

We recommend league managers to share the cost of Project Hockey with the teams in each league. Since there are typically 4 - 10+ teams in a league, it is a usually a very small increase ($20 or less) to the league fee for each team.

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